Before & After: A Classic Cottage Kitchen Renovation

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Trailhead Cafe

What do you get when you combine a love for bikes, the outdoors and good food? The Trailhead Cafe. The concept is a family run local business that was born out of these passions. Their other business, Grand Rapids Bicycle Company resides right next door, with an opening to connect the two. The realtor of the space had directed the owner my way, as I had designed the original cafe that occupied this space, CG’s Prep Kitchen and Cafe. They liked my work and hoped to re-create the space by re-purposing as many of the materials as we could. The results…quite pleasing. The food…delicious! Stay tuned for a future news regarding an expansion to this business.

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Signage by Carlson Design

Original concrete floors set the foundation for the space.

Photos were printed on canvas to bring the outdoors in.

Custom Lights

Custom light fixtures made out of bicycle wheels and cage lights were designed custom for the space and fabricated by Carlson Design.

Vinyl covered banquette seating actually looks like leather from a bike seat, but wears well and is easy to clean.

A window opens to the kitchen where the friendly staff grabs your meal and brings it to your table.

A rare vintage tandem bike adorns the wall as art.

Fashions fade, style is eternal.

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